Why are Celebrities Such Bad Drivers?

Oct 29

Rodeo DriveWe have all seen it, the rich and the famous on the six o’clock news getting pulled over or being involved in yet another car crash. There is no real reason (at least that can be proved) to why celebrities seem to get away with the darndest things or drive quite terribly, but there are a lot of “perhaps…” reasons.

Perhaps reason number one: celebrities let their job get to their head and because people like what they do, they think they won’t be accused or get caught. Sometimes, this statement can prove to be true. Just take a look at Lindsay Lohan for instance. She doesn’t just have one DUI or one accident under her belt, she has multiple. Unfortunately to hear for this 26-year old actress is that on top of these offenses, she also has a hit (as in hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk) and run (as in fled the scene) under her belt; the cake topper of car accidents! Even after all of these crimes related to driving, she has yet to actually stay in locked away and continues to drive around. This certainly goes to show that some stars think and actually can get away with anything they wish, including hitting an innocent by standard on the streets of New York.

Perhaps reason number two: they’re like famous and stuff. Not such a good reason, but it’s something that has been heard on the streets by many (probably with different wording depending on who you are talking to). celebrity womanAlong with good ol’ Lindsay Lohan, there are celebrities that are involved in less severe traffic accidents, but still seem to feel they are exempt from the law because of their superstardom. Yes, we’re talking about Amanda Bynes. Ms. Bynes was the reason for a minor traffic incident earlier this year in Los Angeles, California. It is reported that she got out of her car to see if the other vehicle involved was in okay shape, then determined that everything was fine and escaped the scene without providing any of her information to the other driver (a requirement by law). Although Amanda Bynes may have thought everything was fine and dandy, the driver she hit was not thinking the same thing. Now, Ms. Bynes is under investigation. All of this could have been avoided if she had just given her information! Way to make mountains out of hills, Amanda Bynes. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to do that?

Perhaps reason number three: they see other celebrities get away with murder. Literally. The obvious of this example would be O.J. (Orenthal James) Simpson. My oh my, was this a long grueling trial. This murder trial of the ex-football star will go down in the history books forever. “Well did you know when you were famous you could kill your wife and there’s no such thing as 25 to life as long as you’ve got the cash, to pay for Cochran.” (“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” Good Charlotte) He is not just mentioned here because of the murder though. Along with the murder, Mr. Simpson had a high-speed chase with police officers in his Bronco. Did he get away with it? Of course he did, possibly because of all the hype in regards to the murder trials, but in actuality is this any excuse? It shouldn’t be, but it seemed to work out just fine in his case.

There are most likely plethoras more motivations for celebrities to continue to drive with bad habits, but these seem to be rather high on the charts. We all love our beloved actors, actresses, singers, sports idols and the rest of the big names out there, but if they drove a bit better, perhaps we would also have more respect for them. Just because you are on a billboard or make a platinum record, does not mean you should be exempt from the Constitution or laws of this country. Until celebrities can learn that they will receive consequences just like the rest of us, perhaps they should stay in the back of their limos.

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