Weirdest Traffic Laws (A-C)

Aug 14

Keeping up with different state laws can be as difficult as “Keeping up with the Kardashians”—they’re a little wacky and sometimes you can’t understand them, but all in all they can be fairly entertaining! For example, did you know that in Alabama you aren’t able to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time? Apparently Georgia thought this was a smart law to carry over because in their state, you may not have ice cream in your back pocket, but only if it is Sunday. My first thought: why would anyone carry ice cream in any of their pockets? Moving on, these interesting laws are not just limited to ice cream cones and Sundays. In fact, some of the craziest laws (most of them common sense) are related to driving.



  • You may not drive blindfolded.
  • If you put salt on a railroad track, this may be punishable by death.
  • Have a lantern attached to the front of your vehicle? Then you’re in luck! It is LEGAL to drive the wrong way down a one-way road if your lantern is fastened to your car.
  • Windshield wipers are a must!


  • Are you a prankster? Make sure you avoid stringing a wire across the roads. This is unlawful in Anchorage!
  • Call the animal abuse hotline! In Anchorage, it’s illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a vehicle.


  • If you’re in the city of Globe, you better watch who you play cards with. Apparently, you may not play cards in the street with someone who is Native American.
  • Travel by horse and not by car? If so, just make sure you don’t ride your horse up the steps of the county courthouse in Prescott. You may be penalized!


  • If you’re in Little Rock, you may want to watch out where your horn is being honked. If it’s after 9pm you may not blare your car horn where sandwiches or ice cold beverages are being sold.
  • Little Rock gets a double whammy with odd traffic laws. Specifically if you love fast food. No person may “suddenly start or stop” their vehicle at a McDonald’s. Sorry McChicken lovers. No abrupt driving to get your meal allowed!



  • You may have heard of the Headless Horseman, but what about an invisible driver? If your car drives itself, make sure it doesn’t exceed 60 miles per hour, or your non-existent driver will get a ticket! (Explain that photo ticket to the judge.)
  • Any hunters in the area? Make sure when you go for the kill you are not in a moving vehicle! That is, unless your target happens to be a whale. Then, go for it.
  • Eureka! Love sleep? Love sleeping on the floor? Just make sure in Eureka, California you don’t sleep in the street. You may be fined up to $1,000 and spend up to six months in the slammer! Not worth it for your afternoon crash.
  • If you’re in Chico and have a green thumb, make sure you don’t plant your rutabagas in roadways.
  • Feeling risky? Like jumping from a car at 65 miles per hour risky? Make sure you don’t do this in Glendale. It’s illegal to be a car-jumping dare-devil!
  • Spending time in Arcadia? Make sure you watch out for peacocks. They have the right of way when crossing any street or driveway!


  • Just as you are not able to operate a vehicle while under the influence, it is also illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated.
  • Need a new car? You can go Monday-Saturday, but Sunday, car dealers have to keep the keys in their offices since they may not show you cars on this day of rest.
  • Alamosa is filled with beauty, mountains, and apparently missiles. If you have somehow acquired a missile (and I truly hope none of you have) do NOT throw it at any vehicle; it is illegal. In fact, for the sake of the human race, don’t throw it at anyone or anything.
  • Were you a speech and debate champ back in high school? In Boulder it is completely legal for you to challenge a police officer. Just make sure to stop when he or she asks, or you could be faced with some issues!


  • Are you a supporter of the Second Amendment? Perfectly fine, but don’t discharge your firearm from a public highway. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also illegal!
  • Fire! Although fire dangers are serious, apparently they aren’t a priority in New Britain because fire trucks to exceed 25 miles per hour, even if going to a fire!
  • Although hunting is legal (when you follow guidelines, of course), it is not legal to hunt from your car. Yes, it might be easier for you to have a steady aim if you rest your shotgun in your window, but other hunters might call this cheating! And the police officers call this a good reason to give you a hefty fine.

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