Weird Car Art You’ve been Missing

Jun 22

We’ve all seen Cadillacs with classy horns on the front, shock-destroying low-riders pounding the pavement, and SUVs tricked out with those little spinney-wheel-thingies, but what about a van covered with over a million sea shells?  A giant “robo snail” car big enough for several adults?  Or a Mustang with a plaid paintjob?  If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out on the “ArtCar Fest.”

Founded by artists Philo Northrup and Harrod Blank, and organized by funky car enthusiast Emily Duffy, the annual ArtCar Fest allows artists toArtCar Fest 2012 turn their cars into mobile expressions of the cool, the weird, the funky, and everything in-between.  All of the creatively modified cars in the festival are street legal and operate just like a regular car—just tweaked out on LSD.

While Art Cars are sometimes displayed in parades, their owners are quick to state they are not floats or simple novelties.  Instead, these are legit vehicles that people drive to work, to school, on the highways and everywhere else to bring a sense of extravagant whimsy to a dull daily commute.

Over the years, there have been numerous videos and documentaries on the ArtCar festivals, with their occasional caravans across the country generating considerable media attention.

Check out this video from National Geographic:

If you’re interested in seeing what the automotive world would have looked like if the Grateful Dead ran Ford and Chrysler, ArtCar Fest 2012 is coming up soon in Reno Nevada July 20-22.  For more information, visit the ArtCar Fest website at


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