Valentine’s Day Ideas: What You Can Do For Your Car

Feb 14


Your car does so much for you—takes you out, “tires” its feet until they are callused and bald, listens to your every beck and call, and so much more. This Valentine’s Day, make sure you treat your car to what it deserves and wants! When dealing with a significant other, the gifts are easy: a box of chocolates, a heart-shaped necklace, a rose, etc. For your car, it isn’t going to care about those things. In fact, it might not appreciate a box of chocolates melting on its carpet. Treat your car this Valentine’s Day by getting it something not only it, but you will love!

Valentine’s Gifts and Dates For Your Car

“Bling Bling”

Half the time you are out shopping with a girl, you hear her go “Ooooh, shiny!” the second you walk by the jewelry section. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! For your car, the bling they are looking for are rather larger, but still just as beautiful: new rims. Like toe rings, new rims dress up your car’s “feet.” If you are looking for that giant rock to impress more people, you can always go for the spinners. Spinners are sure to grab the attention of everyone who drives near your beauty!

Give it New Shoes

Girls love shoes of all brands and styles. Just like the great amount of choices you have when picking out shoes you can gift for your girl (or guy), there are many tire brands and types out there. Performance tires for those special occasions, snow tires for the winter season that will come, or just brand new all-season tires; you and your car’s favorite brand, of course. From all the running around your car does, I’m sure the tire change will be beneficial as well as look spik-and-span!

Take it to the Shower
After you step out of the shower or bath, you always feel refreshed and pristine—as if you could take on the world. Same goes for your car. Take your car out to the car wash or give it a good scrub yourself. Your car will look better and you will feel better driving it around!

Make it Feel Beautiful

After a shower, guys and girls alike enjoy doing something extra to feel good about themselves: style their hair, put on jewelry and makeup, or their favorite watch or cologne. For your car, a nice detail is what they are looking for to feel brand new. Shine your car up and make it feel wanted (just as Hunter Hayes wants to make his loved one feel that in his song “Wanted”)!

Buy It a New Outfit

Okay, so you can’t buy your car a fancy new dress for going out, but you can give it a new paint job! If you’re tired of how your car looks or the paint is chipping, now is the perfect time to treat it to a new look. Your car will love its new finish and will feel as fresh as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!


What person doesn’t love an extra little “somethin’ somethin’” to complete their outfit? For those who are all about the fast cars, spoilers are the way to go. If you have a car that loves being in the country and going on adventures, then you might want to consider a nice bike rack. Lastly, for larger trucks that do not have covers, you can always get one now! Not only will this cover the bed to add extra warmth, you will be able to pack your truck higher and more securely for those long weekend trips (it’ll also make it easier to clean after you go mudding–just take off the cover and the inside is already clean!).

Feeling Extra Romantic or Intimate?

For people who love those romantic nights, buy your car a new bra, a car bra! It will make your car feel even more special than it already does. On top of that, if you’re looking for something even more intimate or to go with your car’s new bra, a nice, new tint job might do the trick. Tints not only protect you from the sun, but can help with some private moments. Make sure your tint is legal, though! Sometimes, too dark of a tint can result in a ticket.

Make it Feel Safe When You’re Not Around

Just like people, we do not only want to feel loved by the ones who are close to us, we also want to feel as if they will protect us. Alarm systems are perfect for assuring your car that no one will ever take it away from you!

Stop, Look and Listen

“You’re not listening to me!” I’m sure if you have a significant other in your life, you have heard that line, or a form of it, at least once. Same thing goes with your car, except it can’t actually tell you that you aren’t listening. If the sound system isn’t doing so well, take it in to get a better sounding stereo. Also, if you have a car that “complains” daily (i.e. squeaking breaks) make sure to take an extra listen to confirm nothing too serious is happening.

Take it to the Doctor’s

Okay, I understand this may not be the “ideal” Valentine’s Day, but sometimes people (and cars) get sick at the most inconvenient times! If you were following the above and listening to your car and heard some extra whining and complaining, taking your car to the mechanic for a routine check up may not be what it wants, but it sure is what it needs! Your car will thank you later. Doing something a car needs shows you love it more than all the extra things it doesn’t! “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find you get what you need!” (“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Rolling Stones)


You’re car does so much for you! Why not treat it this Valentine’s Day? Spread the love.

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