Top Paying Driving Jobs

Jul 19

Are you questioning what you’re doing for a living, want to make a major life change, or start out your life with a decent career? Then you might want to think about entering the world of driving! Believe it or not, you have the capability of having a steady life with the income you get from sitting behind the wheel and enjoying the road. Whether you love life in the fast line or enjoy Big Rigs and cruising, the driving industry can offer you a lot of opportunities (and money!). After reading some of the wages below, you might reconsider becoming an accountant!

Speed Racers

NASCAR Drivers: When you think about it, you’re just making a bunch of left-hand turns…and it’s awesome! In December 1947, Bill France Sr. changed racing, fast cars, and competition as we know it. Drivers, car owners, and mechanics all gathered for a meeting organized by “Big” Bill France at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. On December 14th, standard rules of racing were established. Just a couple months later on February 15th, 1948, the first official NASCAR race was held in Daytona. The winning driver? Robert “Red” Byron in his classic Ford. Since this historic day for drivers, the sport bloomed into something millions of viewers watch religiously every year. The highest paid driver as of right now is Dale Earnhardt in 2009, raking in $35 million dollars—that calculates to $830 per left turn! Most other drivers in NASCAR make between $1 and $30 million dollars per year. Since their years of bootlegging, NASCAR has flourished into an amazing, and awesomely paid sporting event that is fun for the whole family!

Formula 1 Drivers
: Grab your checkered flags, ladies and gentleman, because when you are a driver for this sport you will be racing your way to some of the biggest chunks of change when it comes to bolting around a racetrack! This year, the top amount paid out is at a tie between Spaniard, Fernando Alonso, and Brit, Lewis Hamilton, who will both be taking home a fat check of $25.8 million dollars each. Even though that figure is in Australian dollars, it evens out to a whopping $23,618,280 US dollars for each of them. Although Hamilton is most likely ecstatic with an increase in his pay since last year (due to his switch from McLaren to Mercedes), Alonso is probably not so happy with his pay cut from $38 million. When you bring home that much bacon though, it really is hard to complain.

Test Drivers: Looking for a dream job? Not only is becoming a test driver on the bucket list of many, it will also provide you with a comfortable lifestyle. Test drivers can earn anywhere from $30 and $40 thousand yearly with an overall average of $38k. So cross #29 off your bucket list and jump on in! With a salary such as this, you’ll be able to live life doing something you love without having to compromise your style of living!

Truck Driver Cruisin’

Over the Road Drivers: Over the Road, or OTR, truck drivers not only make big bucks, but also get to enjoy the freedoms of the open road! OTR truck drivers pick up freight at one location and deliver it to another, mostly traveling across several states, averaging about 600 miles per run. But how much do these long distance truckers bring home? That can depend on the company and the state. According to your take home could be anywhere between $40 and $60 thousand a year. On it is reported that at Wal-Mart, their OTR truckers can bring around $71,500 home before bonuses! No matter what company you haul for, if you love life on the road and are looking for a comfortable lifestyle, becoming an OTR trucker could be a great job for you to have!

Ice Road Truckers: Welcome to a lifestyle filled with harsh temperatures, “white-outs,” hazardous road and weather conditions, frequent storms, and terror. To become this type of trucker, you must be fearless, determined, and dedicated to your run. Although the conditions are treacherous, you can’t let that get in the way of what is on the line. Through all the risks that are a part of ice road trucking, many wonder why a choice few choose this path. Minus the fact that “somebody has to do it,” being an ice road trucker pays you better than you could imagine. Within a couple months’ time, you are able to earn an entire year’s salary! Jim the Trucker states that a good driver can earn up to $60,000 or more a season, or about $2,000 per run. I have also heard of people taking home over $120,000 due to their skill, time management, and bravery in the situation.

Dump Trucker for Coal Mines: When you’re young and deciding your future career, you normally think of an astronaut, doctor, lawyer, etc. Very rarely (if ever) do you hear a child say “dump truck driver for coal mines!” when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Although this career is not something many see themselves doing, once they hear the pay, they decide maybe being a dump truck driver or working at a coal mine isn’t so bad. Because the days are long and the work is difficult, these coal mine truckers are said to rake in $30,000-$50,000 a year! The national average for this job in 2010 was about $40,000, according to eHow and If you would like information on how to become a dump truck driver, click here.

Truck Drivers in Iraq: This may not be your ideal place to live or spend time working, but if you are looking to bring home big money in a few years’ time, then perhaps convoying it up in Iraq is a good option for you! Due to the dangers of the area and high threat in the area, these intrepid truckers bring home about $125,000 a year, starting! Just remember when looking at taking a job offer such as this, be sure that the pay is worth all that you will have to be compromising!

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