Top American Destinations for Country Lovin’: Part Two

Dec 31

Attempting to plan a road trip? Sometimes planning can be the hardest part of going on a trip, especially when you don’t know where you want to go yet. If you’re looking for something outdoors these following locations could be perfect for you!

Come on down to Georgia where you can hopefully get some good directions from famous Billy Currington if you’re a little lost. Although you may think there are only turnips, peaches and sweet tea in this state, we kindly disagree! Go and visit Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains for a wild outdoor adventure. Experience zip lining, canopy tours, or fly high and go on a helicopter tour above the majestic mountains. Whether you are planning to pull a Pocahontas during your road trip and go “just around the riverbend beyond the shore” or you have “Hollywood” written on your license plate, ask Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea and get lead right back to Mr. Currington; Georgia is a state in which you cannot go wrong when looking for an adrenaline-filled journey!

What’s a road trip without going to the most visited national park in the country? Great Smoky National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee gets about 8-10 million visits a year and for good reason! Whether you get your pleasure from sitting atop a regal mountain after a strenuous climb or enjoy the path less traveled by for your own quiet experience, Great Smoky National Park has a multitude of activities to partake in! Make sure to bring your camera (or your fancy smart phone)! You won’t want to miss capturing the gorgeousness of the wildlife, waterfalls, and adventures you are bound to come across out here!

After spending some time on the east coast, head on over to the lovely west side of our country! The sun is hot, the nights are cool, and the canyons are grand! The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona has a lot to offer when it comes to its visitors. With a 21 mile hike from rim to rim of this canyon, you might want to plan this stop on your road trip to be an overnighter! On the other hand, if hiking isn’t your strong suit, you can always take a mule tour! These animals will pack all the supplies you may need for your switch from the car. With these specially thought of tours, you are still able to venture through the natural world of the Grand Canyon while not putting tons of tension on your body! Definitely a win-win situation!

The last stop on our trip is even further west, and north at the same time. Move from the deep canyons and desert over to The Last Frontier State. Denali National Park in Alaska is one of the true Natural Seven Wonders of the World (the Grand Canyon is also a part of the Natural Seven Wonders!), due to the enjoyment of the Northern Lights (or aurora borealis). The green, red, purple/violet, and blue coloration of this marvel truly light up the darkness by piercing through the blackness of the night sky. Along with the “light-scape,” Denali National Park offers an abundance of outdoor happenings such as fishing, camping, backcountry exploring, biking and so much more! If you want a road trip filled with the awesomeness of the outdoors, this national park is the perfect place to pay a visit to!

And so concludes our small road trip across the country. Between part one and part two, you are bound to have a wild road-trip ride for all things outdoors! Of course there are tons of more places to visit in America. Our free country has some of the most gorgeous sights in the whole world. Perhaps later on there shall be a part three? Stay tuned! Until then, enjoy the freedom of the road and natural world. Don’t forget: drive safe!

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