Top American Destinations for Country Lovin’: Part One

Nov 13

Are you looking to put a little gravel in your travel? Road trips to the country are the time and place to get lost and get right with your soul! Although your cushy office job is one that you appreciate and love, sometimes you just need to step into the fresh air and take a breather.

Mountain at Many GlacierThe sky is the limit in Big Sky Country! Minus the wild fires that happen every now and then, Montana is the perfect road trip spot for those of you looking to enjoy the great outdoors! The main attraction (if you do not know where to head to already in this large state) would be Glacier National Park. Its beauty is breathtaking and you can definitely see for miles and miles when reaching the infamous Going-to-the-Sun Road. A perfect place for the family or an escape with your best buddies, Glacier National Park and Montana has an abundance of outdoor activities! Whether you are a fishing connoisseur of sorts, a lover of hiking, or just enjoy the simplicity of nature, Glacier National Park has it all for you.

When finished with your trip in Big Sky Country, why not travel down south to the Equality State (although also known as the “Cowboy State” to some) and pay a visit to the magnificent Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming? Take your mountain bike on the many trails available or pack up your camping gear and go through the backcountry. Yellowstone National Park is also known for its steaming geyser basins, so be sure to keep an eye out for those beauties as well! They aren’t in every state, after all. Whatever activity you enjoy doing in the open air, it is bound to be available here!

Zion National ParkAfter all the outdoor fun you’ve been having, why stop your country road trip after two states (not including the ones you may travel in between)? Come just a little further south to see Zion National Park in Utah. Deemed as one of the places that you should see before you die, Zion National Park is filled with wondrous wildlife, wide open spaces, and tantalizing mountains that will take your breath away. The emerald pools and cool (literally) river walk in this national park are some of the most naturally stunning sceneries you will ever come across in your lifetime. The river walk experience is greater than any other; don’t just look at the waterway and walk alongside it, walk in it and truly experience nature!

So if you were born country and that’s what you will always be, take a trip to one of these gorgeous destinations. You may not get a five star hotel, but if pitching a tent and lying under the stars is something you love, take a trip and visit the outdoors! Don’t forget to bring your acoustic guitar though! There is nothing like a little “Kum Ba Yah” by the campfire.

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