Top American Destinations for City Slickers: Part Two

Dec 20

Now if you are known as a “city slicker,” we have no negative connotation associated with that. Simply put, you just love the city! And if you love the city, have we got some places for you to visit! Road trips are a great way to mix relaxing, testing your patience (after all, they are a long time in a car!), and perhaps the best way to enjoy every little place possible between destinations.

Shamu rocks! At least, that’s what you will find out when stopping in San Diego, California to visit SeaWorld! This fun-filled vacation spot is perfect when you want to stop for a few nights with friends or family on your long road trip adventure! Spend some time getting to know our sea comrades, watch a couple shows, or spark up your adrenaline and journey to the center of Atlantis. This Disneyland for sea critters is bound to grab the attention of many. After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of whiskers with their road trips? (*Note: Photo of Shamu with trainer attributed to Colin M.L. Burnett)

After some fun in the sun with our friends of the sea, if you’re just as “Starstruck” as Lady Gaga, then come in your shiniest dress and highest heels to visit “Tinsel Town,” a.k.a Hollywood, California! This glamour-filled land of the rich and the famous is filled with everything celebrities and attention-grabbing stores and sights you can think of! Test your movie knowledge at Universal Studios, catch a ride on a Starline Tour Bus to see how the other side lives, or just walk around and see the stars of your favorite celebrities. No road trip is complete without visiting this movie buff town!

Looking for a city to stop in whilst driving through a not so city state? Then you might want to check out the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas! Eat, drink and be merry while dining alongside the calming river, enjoy a guided river tour on the boats, or explore around yourself. This ever flowing body of water has an alluring atmosphere day or night for people of all ages. With its fun, little shops and activities all year round, any season you are on your road trip is a great time to take a pit stop here! And, well, if all your exes live in Texas hopefully you still love this place enough to not go hang your hat in Tennessee!

Cutting across the country? Then be like the lead singer of Styx and make your way back to Chicago! Perhaps you will find true love waiting for you just as he did! When in the Windy City and waiting for that love to come by, there will still be tons to do. With a multitude of learning opportunity museums, the proud to be an American Navy Pier, and a chance to look at all of the city from Skydeck Chicago (atop the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower) you will never have a minute of boredom. We’re always told to take a chance with love, so why not chance that love with a Saturday in the park? Whether it is 25 or 6 to 4 in this city, you will find someone to be your inspiration that is guaranteed to make you smile!

If you are planning on ending your road trip on the east coast, there is no better place to do so than in Niagara Falls, New York. This grand waterfall trio falls with grace in the day and brightens up the city (and Canada) at night with its ever changing colors that pierce through the falling water. There are waterfalls around the world that strike people with their beauty, but once you see these three together, you might think nothing is more breathtaking. For those looking for a little more adventure, take a boat tour at the bottom of the falls. Make sure to buy a poncho though, all parts of the boat are considered to be a splash zone!

Road trips provide the best kinds of memories you could ask for; everlasting ones. So pack up the car with a few snacks, some clothes and the best company you can think of and take off to the major cities and everywhere in between. Choose to enjoy the adventure of getting there instead of just sleeping on an airplane next to someone you have never met before. The city awaits your arrival!

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