The Twilight Saga: Remembering the Cars

Dec 22

The beloved saga, Twilight, has come to an end (first Harry Potter and now this!), but this love story of the sparkling vampire, a hopeless human girl and a stud muffin of a werewolf will forever be in our hearts. Although the series may have come to an end in the film world, just as vampires live on forever, so will the legacy of the cars that were used during the filming.

Bella Swan: The first vehicle we all fell in love with was Bella’s infamous truck. Lovers of older cars will recognize this 1953 Chevrolet Pickup Truck that author Stephanie Meyer says she picked out herself for this main character (not too shabby when you have two car-enthusiast brothers!). This older hunk of metal was perfect when Edward saved Bella in the parking lot near the beginning of the movie Twilight. After all, a larger truck can take on a vampire’s hand forcefully indenting it over most cars!

Along with marrying a vampire that every girl wishes she could be with and every guy wishes he could be, Bella also started driving cars that most people dream of. Her “before” car was a Mercedes S600 Guard (aka “The Guardian,” which is technically a fictitious car, but still gorgeous) and her “after” car was a Ferrari F430 (which does exist today). Guys and dolls worldwide would do anything to drive these puppies!

Driving older trucks and suave realistic and unrealistic cars wasn’t always Bella’s “thing,” though. We mustn’t forget her short obsession with motorcycles! While Edward left in New Moon, the now-former Miss Swan found her Honda motorcycle calling her name. Yes, this phase was short lived, but did bring her and Jacob closer together for a short while!

Edward Cullen: With all the gals screaming for Team Edward, close attention was paid to his many modes of transportation. His silver Volvo S60R made watching this series bearable for the males who claim to be “forced” into watching the love series. This sleek Volvo was ideal for those quick escapes that were much needed in times of crisis.

Keeping with the love of Volvo cars, Edward also has the beautiful Volvo C30. This car was used as a “daily driver” for this sparkling vampire, just in case he didn’t want to drive any of the other modes of transportation he had. After all, it is good to have choices!

Unlike most 18-year-old boys, Edward also had his “special occasion” car: the Aston Martin v12 Vanquish. This car was used for that night he took the broken Bella to prom in the first movie and then reappeared in Breaking Dawn. There may be teenagers that are spoiled nowadays, but if a teenage boy could say they wanted an Aston Martin and were able to get one, that’s on a completely new level of awesomely spoiled! I guess that’s what happens when you can save money for thousands of years and your “father” is Carlisle.

Like his love Bella, Edward also lived for a thrill which is why he had his beautiful Ducati. To live life in the fast lane, one must always have a motorcycle to go with his other two cars. After all, if you run fast, you must ride just as fast, right?

Jacob Black: Because this teen sensation werewolf was also younger in age than his rival, Edward, or the one he loved first, Bella, Jacob didn’t have as many modes of transportation in the series (not to mention the fact that he doesn’t get a “before” or “after” car being in a wolf pack). Jacob did have a few awesome moments in his Volkswagen Rabbit. Yes, some males may think that this car is a “girl” car, but if you have seen the movies, you will understand how much awesome this car can handle. It may not have been an Aston Martin, but this Volkswagen Rabbit did all that Jacob needed it to do.

During the time of Bella’s motorcycle obsession, she came to Jacob to help fix up her Honda, but also brought Jacob a Harley Sprint to work on as well that would end up being his. Lucky for Jacob, he already knew how to ride this two-wheeler, so he didn’t have to worry about flying from the motorcycle like Bella did.

The Other Characters:

Rosalie Hale: BMW M3

Carlisle Cullen: Mercedes S55 AMG

Emmett Cullen: Jeep Wrangler

Alice Cullen: Porsche 911 Turbo

Charlie Swan: Police Cruiser

Mike Newton: Chevrolet Suburban

Billy Black: 1996 Chevy K1500

Tyler Crowley: 1993 Chevy Astro

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