Thanksgiving Driving

Nov 20

Welcome back to the time of the year where we are able to eat plenty, express our gratefulness and enjoy time in laughter with friends, family and loved ones. Once a year, every year, we are able to come together to communicate with others how much we care for them and show our gratitude for the year, but what about the smaller blessings that occurred throughout? As humans, we tend to bypass the blessings in disguise such as a complete stranger doing something kind in the grocery store or arriving safely from one destination to another. Safe driving has never been more important and is something all should be thankful for. We may not realize it, but every time we sit down in a car and go driving, we are putting our lives at risk; roads are unpredictable! Each and every person can take preventative precautions to ensure the safety of drivers that surround them as well as themselves.

During this holiday weekend, make sure that you keep your cool! Long weekends somehow bring out the best and the worst in people. Due to the fact the most want to leave at the same time, traffic jams are inevitable. We all know that when we hit traffic something sparks in our mind that immediately causes a sense of frustration. The only way to survive this congestion in the road is by staying calm! Sing along to some music and car jam or play “I spy with my little eye…” with others in the car. Prove to drivers everywhere (and your family that has the joy of spending the long ride in the car with you) that long weekends no longer have to be notorious for causing anger in the car!

Along with staying sane, make sure that if you must drive during the evening and night that you are not driving drowsily! Thanksgiving can take a lot out of people, and if you are headed to the biggest event of the year after dinner (a.k.a. Black Friday!) then you are bound to be a tad tired. According to their Report on Drowsy Driving, the National Sleep Foundation shows that there are 100,000 known crashes, 71,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths every year due to drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. Be sure to rest up before you go out! Naps are not just for children and elders anymore!

Now you know to get rest before you drive and stay calm in the huge calamity, but what about your car? It is a rather huge part when it comes to driving, after all! Before you go on your Thanksgiving getaway, schedule an appointment for your car to have a tune up! Yes, we should always expect the unexpected, but if it is possible to avoid calling a tow truck on your weekend of gratified fun, you would do so, right? It doesn’t take more than a few hours and it could potentially save a lot of money, time and more frustration in the long run! Make your trip as easy as possible; vacations should be stress-free!

Speaking of stress-free vacations, what better way to not add on aggravations than by following the rules of the road? Holidays end up being the worst type of speed traps for people and police seem to be very on-point during this time of the year as well. By not speeding, you will have a lower risk of getting in a crash and your car will have a better reaction time if you do need to stop suddenly for any reason. In addition, remember to use your safety restraints and buckle up (including children sitting in the back seat, whether in a car seat or just sitting in the seat of the car). Wearing your seatbelt is a vital part of car safety that you won’t ever want to forget!

Last but certainly not least, make sure that there is a designated driver if there will be merry drinking at your event! Go out and have a wonderful time with some drinks, but if you do so, please be sure to do it safely. Intoxicated driving accidents have been some of the worst that are seen and happen more often than they should (which is any number above zero). Be sure that if you enjoy your dinner with drinks that you have a safe place to stay or a sober driver to get you home.

Remember to always stay out of harm’s way when driving on the roads, especially during the time of thankful, holiday cheer! Although holidays can be the worst times to be out on the roads, it is still possible to have a safe, joyous trip! And be sure to keep in mind that while you are out at midnight on Black Friday that you remember all that you were thankful for earlier that day (Unless that item is the last on the shelves. Then maybe you can be a smidgen selfish).

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