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Jan 30

Teens have a lot to learn when it comes to driving; who better to learn from than an actual teenager? Everything Driving’s resident teenager, Jailyn, discusses teen driving topics in an effort to help keep other teens safe on the road. This time she covers teens and car insurance:

There are a lot of steps to complete when you first begin to drive. From taking a drivers education course and passing your permit test to surviving behind the wheel training and finally getting your license, there is a lot to do. One of the most important things you have to do is get your car insured. This step is usually the most stressful for parents or even the teen if they need to pay for this themselves. If you’re paying for your own insurance or are looking for a way to save your parents some money, here are some things you can do to lower the cost of your teen car insurance premium:

Get Good Grades

Numerous auto insurance providers offer a “good student” discount. This discount is available to students with a certain GPA.  Most insurance providers only require that you maintain a B average or make the Honor Roll. Taking advantage of this discount could cut your cost by 20 to 30 percent. Ask your insurance agent if you are eligible for this discount.

Take Drivers Education

Depending on the state you live in, you may or may not have been required to take a driver’s education course. Many insurance providers offer a discount for teen drivers that complete a driver’s education course, so if it is not a state requirement you may want to consider doing so. If your state does require that you take a driver’s education course, it wouldn’t hurt to take another one and ensure that the safe driving lessons are fresh in your mind. We even offer these Courses completely online!

Choose The Right Car

Although you wouldn’t think so, the car you drive can cause a higher teen car insurance premium. A teen driving the newest model of a fancy sports car is a red flag for auto insurance companies and will usually pay higher insurance rates. When searching for a car be sure to choose one with some age and that seems unlikely to be broken into or vandalized. By doing this, you can insure that your insurance provider won’t see your car as a risk and charge you more for coverage.

Drive Safely

Safety on the road should be a concern for drivers of all ages and should not be taken lightly. Understand that all traffic laws must be obeyed and that breaking these laws typically leads to traffic citations and accidents, both of which can result in a suspended license and an even higher insurance premium.

Join Their Policy

Talk to your parents about joining their auto insurance policy. Depending on your provider, this may be cheaper than creating your own teen car insurance policy.

There is no way for teens to avoid paying more than experienced drivers with clean driving records do for auto insurance, but there are ways to lower the cost. These discounts can really help decrease your insurance rates, so be sure to take advantage of them. Depending on your insurance provider there may be more discounts available to you, so be sure to ask your agent at your next available opportunity.

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Jailyn Laue

As Everything Driving's resident teenager, Jailyn writes from the point of view of a teen driver.

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