Sex While Driving

Nov 14

Generally, when you’re reminded that you need to “live your life to the fullest,” that advice is taken and turned into, say, a skydiving session or a day at the race track with your best buds. To my surprise, it turns out adults out there are taking that little piece of life advice and turning it into a different kind of dangerous action: sexual intercourse while driving. That’s right, distracted driving has moved from eating, applying makeup, texting, and even reading, to having sex while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

According to an online survey created by Harris Interactive, 11% of nearly 2,000 people admitted to “having participated in a sexual activity while driving.” Not surprising to this survey, men were more likely to share, boast, announce (however you wish this to be phrased) that they have been apart of this percentage.

This online survey of willing participants was broken up into age groups: 18-34, 35-44, and so on. It turns out the age group that is most likely to be caught “ridin’ dirty” are those between 35 and 44. It also showed that men are twice more likely to flirt with another driver.

However exhilarating you think this might be, if you need some spice in your life, be sure to do so when appropriate. Having sex while you are driving is perhaps one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving that I have ever heard about. As defined, distracted driving is anything that takes your eyes, mind, and hands off the wheel and road. To have sex while driving, at least two of these are compromised.

Now, I may not be an expert, but maybe drivers (especially those between the ages of 35 and 44) should leave the ridin’ dirty to Chamillionaire and his crew. Romantic dinners and walks on the beach are still loved; the classics always seemed to be a hit with the ladies anyhow!


  1. I’ll have to remember to advise people against sex while driving, the next time I’m giving a driving lesson.

  2. I cannot believe I am reading this, let alone basic Driving Etiquette they are actually doing this whilst driving. That’s just crazy dangerous. There are plently of lay-bys around, they should be using them instead.

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