Rising Gas Prices Lead to Cheap Gas Promotions

May 10

The price at the pump continues to rise, leaving many of us wondering if there is any end in sight. Going on a road trip was once a cheaper alternative for a vacation, but with the current price of gas, many people are turning to local “stay-cations.”

So just how high can gas prices go?  The Hartford Courant reports that John Hofmeister, founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy and former CEO of Shell Oil USA, estimates that gas prices stand a 50% chance of spiking this summer to $5 or more a gallon nationwide.  This means that if you have a 12 gallon tank, you’ll soon be paying more than $60 dollars to fill-up, and if you own an SUV, you might as well budget in the price of gas with your mortgage payments.

This seems outrageous to most American consumers, but I’m a glass half-full sort of guy.  Things could always be worse.  We could, for instance, live in Europe, where gas prices have been way beyond the $5/gallon mark for quite some time.  In fact, right now citizens of Amsterdam in the Netherlands pay almost $6.50/gallon!  If you’re going to cruise the fashionable streets of Milan, Italy, get ready to pay the less fashionable $5.96/gallon.  Chocolate might be cheap in Stockholm, Sweden but their gas certainly isn’t at $5.80/gallon.  And don’t forget our cousins across the pond:  the chaps in London, England pay $5.79/gallon!  I guess once you put things in perspective, things are a little less painful (but the pinch of $5/gallon will still hurt!).

Stateside, gas stations across the nation have been using “cheap” or “discount gas” days to lure motorists in.  You can usually spot these by the long lines of cars trailing onto the road (or the honks of road rage).

Online, gas card giveaways are now a cherished commodity, popping up almost as frequently as promotions which feature iPhones and iPads.

In an innovative giveaway linking the needs of drivers taking traffic school classes, The On-Line Traffic School, Inc. is currently offering a chance to win a $500 gas gift card.  Students who sign up for one of their online traffic school courses are automatically entered to win a much-needed $500 gas card.  Depending on how a person drives (and how high gas prices get!), that could be gas for the whole summer!

If you’re interested in learning more CLICK HERE, or visit www.onlinetraffic.com.

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