How to Profit from Your Traffic Ticket with Online Traffic School

Mar 26

First of all, I just want to say that I am not encouraging anyone to break the law. Breaking the law is bad. Very bad. Don’t do it. But if you happen to break the law by getting traffic ticket, this article is all about showing you how you can benefit more than you lose through online traffic school.

First, I’m going to assume at this point that if you clicked on this blog posting you already have a traffic ticket. Either that or you really like reading about potentially problematic disasters (in which case I would direct you to the “Worst Case Scenario” blog– after you read this posting of course!).

For those of you who do have a ticket, there are certain cases in which you are eligible to attend traffic school. Some states call this “defensive driving education,” “driver safety,” or my personal favorite, “driver improvement” (it has a very “self-help” sort of feel to it). Whatever states call it; these are usually courses that drivers can take so that they don’t have their traffic violation added to their driving record.

Is there really any advantage to this? In most states, if you complete a driver education course, the traffic violation will either disappear from your driving record or be “masked” so that your insurance rates don’t increase and your employers aren’t notified. This is a pretty good deal if you think about it. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars in increased insurance fees, you get to pay for a much cheaper driver education course.

These days, most states give drivers the option of attending a course in-person, or a virtual one online. So which one is right for you? That depends. If you want to take off time from work or waste a huge chunk of your weekend and sit if a room with a bunch of exhausted, smelly, very pissed-off people, then attend an in-person driving school. I did, and was probably the most exhausted, smelly, and pissed-off person of the bunch. To quote my twelve-year-old nephew, it “sucked.”

If instead, you want to go with a quick, convenient, simple alternative, online traffic school is the way to go. With these courses, you get to read over online course material when you want, wherever want, at any place you have access to a computer.

Got fifteen minutes before going to class or picking up your kid? Read a couple chapters online through your smart phone. At work on break? Log-on and check out a section. At home
watching TV? Boot up your laptop and read another couple chapters.

Then, when you are done checking out all of the material, take a multiple-choice test online. I’m not the best test-taker myself, so I didn’t pass the first time, but you know what? It didn’t matter. Most of these courses offer a free “do-over” if you don’t pass the first time. Plus, the tests are totally open book, so when I took it again so it was a cinch. After I passed the test, the online driving school sent my certificate right away to the DMV without me ever having to actually set foot in the DMV. I think most of us would agree that any experience with the DMV that doesn’t involve interacting with the DMV is a good experience.

So, getting to the point, how did I profit from taking an online traffic school?

Aside form having my ticket dismissed and saving literally hundreds of dollars on what would have been increased insurance fees, I actually learned a ton. In the past, I liked to say that I was “accident-prone” when it came to driving because I always ended up in minor fender-benders. After reading over the online traffic material and watching some of the instructional videos, I started to see some of the things I was doing that contributed to these accidents.

For example, I learned that an average person takes at least 1.5 seconds to process and then react to a road hazard. That’s a ton of time when you think about avoiding a driver that suddenly breaks in front of you or someone that swerves into your lane! After the course, I’m proud to say I haven’t had a single accident (and I’ve turned “near misses” into “far misses”)!

So, in the long-run, I’ve profited from online traffic school by learning ways of avoiding collisions and car repairs (in addition to staying safe!).

Now, I still don’t want to thank the officer that gave me a ticket or anything, but the overall experience with online traffic school did turn out to be a good deal.

In summary, traffic ticket= bad, but online driving school= good. So, if you have any sort of computer (or access to a computer), don’t bother with the hassle and aggravation on an in-person driving class. Make technology work for you and go for the ease, simplicity, and convenience of an online traffic school.

If you’re trying to find an online driving school in your state, one of the best resources I have found is THIS SITE. It’s basically a directory of different online driving schools offered sorted by type of class and state.

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