How To Pass Your Driving Test

Jul 22

Teens have a lot to learn when it comes to driving; who better to learn from than an actual teenager? Everything Driving’s resident teenager, Jailyn, discusses teen driving topics in an effort to help keep other teens safe on the road. This time she covers how to pass your driving test.

Taking a driving test can be very scary. There is a lot of pressure, and, as teens tend to do, we can easily find ourselves considering every possible thing that could go wrong. By taking the time to study the materials and mentally prepare yourself for the challenge a driving test presents, however, you can go into the experience calm and prepared to drive safely and ace your exam!

If you are nervous about taking your driving test, remember that your examiner is not your enemy. They are there to make sure you stay safe and obey traffic laws. If you want to prove to them that you are ready to sit in the driver’s seat, you have to be prepared. Here are some tips to help you pass your driving test:

Stay Calm

This is HUGE factor when it comes to taking your exam! The examiner will be paying attention to how calm you are before, during, and after the test. This focus on your nerves helps show how you might react in a high pressure situation when on the road.


Ask a parent or other experienced driver if they will go for a practice drive with you before the test. Ask them to watch you to be sure that you check your mirrors, accelerate correctly, and follow the proper procedures. Spend a little extra time on any areas you are concerned with. This will help you prepare for the real thing and increase your confidence behind the wheel.

Arrive Early

Get to the DMV at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will give you time to make sure you have brought all the correct paperwork and make a good first impression on your examiner.

Thank the Examiner

When your test is finished, thank your examiner for their time. The examiner will usually talk to you about your test, so be sure to pay attention and make eye contact, as this lets them know that you’re listening. They will tell you if you passed or failed. If you fail, try to remain calm and cordial; remember, you will have to come back and take your test again and you may get the same examiner.


If you don’t pass your driving test, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Remember that everyone is rooting for you! If you take your examiner’s advice seriously and get more practice, the next test should be a much easier for you. All you have to do is practice, stay calm, and have a good attitude!

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Jailyn Laue

As Everything Driving's resident teenager, Jailyn writes from the point of view of a teen driver.

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  1. There are very few people who were not nervous when they took their driving test for the first time.

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