New Years Eve Designated Driver Service

Dec 29

New Years Eve Designated Driver Service

New Years Eve Designated Driver Service

With New Years Eve just around the corner were are approaching one of the most dangerous holidays of the year when it comes to drinking and driving. While the holiday is a time for celebration, many people choose to not have a New Years Eve designated driver and it often leads to tragedy. Mother’s Against Drunk Driving had the following to sat about needing a New Years Eve designated driver:

Each year, nearly 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving crashes. The risk of sharing the road with a drunk driver is even higher on holidays like New Year’s, because of parties and get-togethers. In fact, New Year’s Day is the most dangerous day of the year for drunk driving on our nation’s roadways.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to avoid this. There is a new website called that allows you to schedule a designated driver ahead of time so you can still be safe this holiday season. This service operates in 76 cities across 31 states and even has its own smartphone app people can use. They refer to this as A Better Solution:

BeMyDD’s designated drivers have become a better solution and alternative for thousands of customers nationwide looking to reduce their spending on taxis, limousines, and chauffeurs. We offer the services of a chauffeur at a discounted rate because we utilize our customer’s cars. Our designated drivers are professionals, come dressed in a shirt and tie, and will ensure that you have the safest ride and most comfortable transportation experience possible. We offer designated driver solutions to business customers and individual customers alike. Our designated drivers provide solutions that prevent alcohol related problems, save lives, prevent people from suffering injuries, and prevent drunk driving. When you hire our designated drivers, you do not have to select an individual to remain sober, as the driver of an automobile, while others are allowed to drink.

Here is how the service works:

1. The person requesting the service for a New Years Eve designated driver makes the request via phone, internet, or through the app.

2. The driver then makes a call to make an introduction and confirm the service date and time.

3. The driver shows up and drives the vehicle of the person making the request. You can go anywhere with unlimited stops.

4. The driver will drop the person off back at home and leave their keys.

You do not have to use this service only as a New Years Eve designated driver, either, They have a personal driver service and pickup service, as well as the “Peace of Mind Plan”, which can reserve multiple drivers for a big event. That means you can have an entire team of New Years Eve designated drivers ready.

The service is continually expanding into new cities and states and has been recommended by several top media outlets such as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and CBS News. If you’re in need of a New Years Eve designated driver this is definitely a service worth investigating.


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