New Fuel-Efficient Cars Expected On the Roads

Oct 15

As gas prices continue to stay at highs, drivers are looking for new solutions. No longer do vehicles that receive 20 miles to the gallon make the cut. This is why new vehicle models will be out and ready for purchase that will keep your wallet from draining.

John O’Dell, “green” car follower for, states that changes in automobiles are approaching more rapidly than many consumers believe and will be at the top of everyone’s car buying list: “Even if you think you’re not really interested in new technologies for improved fuel efficient, it’s likely that a car or truck with some type of electric drive or alternative fuel will wind up on your consideration list the next time you shop for a vehicle.”

Generally, when we hear the term “fuel-efficient vehicles,” we automatically think of vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt. However, with the new year, there will be over 40 new vehicles that will help you spend less money at the pump.

Among these money-saving vehicles are the:

With all the money you can save with automobiles such as these, it’s hard not to go to the lot right now and purchase a new car!

To see more fuel-efficient vehicles, click here.

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