New Florida Traffic Laws and Regulations

Jul 13

No one likes getting a traffic ticket, so it’s always important to stay on top of the most current traffic laws and regulations.  Florida GatorOf course, you can always try pulling the old “I didn’t know” card but that’s usually just followed by the sound of a fresh ticket being ripped off that nice police officer’s pad.

To keep you out of trouble and on the road, here are some of the newest updates to Florida’s traffic laws and regulations for the past couple years:

2011 Florida Traffic Law Updates

It was a pretty quiet for the Florida State Legislature with very few notable changes to laws and regulations that would affect most drivers.

Veterans can now pay a fee of $1 to have a “veteran designation” on their driver’s license[1] and the responsibility for distributing a motor vehicle rights pamphlet was transferred to the Department of Highway Safety. [2]

Like I said, thrilling.  Absolutely thrilling.  Apparently Florida’s Legislature is now moving at the speed of Federal Government.

2010 Florida Traffic Law Updates

Things were probably quiet in 2011 because the legislature was tired after cranking out the laws in 2010! Here are just a few of the new statues from the “Sunshine State” during the 2010 year.

Traffic SignFlorida Statute 316.003 & 316.0083:  These statutes set out provisions for local governments to set up everyone’s favorite absentee police officer:  the automated red light camera!  I’ve already been popped a couple times by a detector, so I can tell you from experience that it’s never a good idea to race against a yellow light.  If you get caught by one of these red light cameras, you will be mailed a notice of the violation within 30 days, with a traffic citation close on its heels after 60 days if you don’t pay your fine.[3]

Florida Statute 316.1951(4)& 318.18(21):  Got a car to sell?  Better make sure it isn’t parked in a turning lane when you put that little “for sale” sign up!  With this statute, local governments are now authorized to make ordinances that prohibit vehicles from being parked in the right-of-way and offered for sale.  The fine for illegally parking a vehicle in the right of way for a sale is $100 (of course, you could just consider this the used car lot fee, but you probably don’t to risk getting your clunker towed).

Florida Statute 318.14(9): This statute limits the number of times you can take traffic school to avoid getting points on your driving record to 5 courses in a lifetime.  This is actually a bit of a bummer because I have taken Florida traffic school courses before, and they’re pretty easy and painless.  In fact, if you are ever in a situation in which you need to take a Florida traffic school course, I recommend going the online route with one of these selections (as long as you are under that new 5 course limit!):

Florida BDI Online Traffic School

Florida Fun Traffic School

Florida Statute 322.0361(4):  Watch out for school buses!  You will now have to attend traffic school if you pass one with its stop signal up.

Florida Statute 318.18(3)(c): Another kiddie law.  You will be fined a minimum of $50 for speeding in a designated school crossing in Florida.  Luckily, most of the population in Florida is over 60 and doesn’t dive over 25 mph anyway…

Ancient Bike RidersFlorida Statute 316.2065(5):  Bicycle riders, listen up!  Yes, that means you, Mr. Spandex shorts!  If you’re riding a bicycle on a road, you have to stay in a bicycle lane or as far to the right as possible.

Florida Statute  322.26 & 322.2715(3)(e):  A driver with his or her license permanently revoked for driving under the influence can now make an application to the DHSMV for a restricted driver’s license as long as it’s 5 years after the last conviction (and all the other legal requirements are met).  If the individual is approved for a restricted license, he or she will have to install an ignition interlock device for 5-years.

Florida Statute 316.191(3)(b):  Just in case your think your car’s “Greased Lightning” you might want to cool your heels, Mr. Zuko, because the street racing fine went up this year.  A first violation will get you a fine between $500 to $1,000, while a second violation will cost between $1,000 to $3,000.  If you still can’t get enough hot-rodding, a third violation for street racing is a first degree misdemeanor that carries a fine between $2,000 to $5,000.  Being a “beauty school dropout” would be less expensive!  On a third offense the DHSMV will also revoke your driver license for 4-years, and that ain’t no “hand jive.”


It’s never fun to get busted by the cops, so check back now and then for helpful tips and updates on Florida state traffic laws!  If you do get a ticket and have to take a Florida traffic school course, I would really recommend going with the online option.  It’s pretty quick and painless.

Check out some of the best offerings for Florida online traffic schools I’ve found:

Florida BDI Online Traffic School

Florida Fun Traffic School


[1] Florida Statute 322.14 & 322.051

[2] Florida Statute 320.90

[3] Florida Statute 316.003, 316.0083


  1. Dave Hyde /

    Our group wants to have a sign extending several feet to be shown on a I-95 overpass. I can find CA law but no FL law. Do you know if a law exisits?

  2. susancarol /

    Florida State Legislature with very few notable changes to laws and regulations that would affect most drivers. And also they are providing online courses.

  3. Im tring to find a list of florida trafic laws

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