New Car Tech To Expand in 2015

Jan 05

New car tech coming in 2015

New car tech coming in 2015

On November 22, 1989 the movie Back to the Future Part II debuted. with the new car tech of time travel Marty McFly and Doc Brown were able to travel into the future from 1985 to the year 2015. Well, the year 2015 is finally here and along with the promise of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series as depicted in the movie, there are tons of new car tech gadgets that will debut both for safety and convenience.

No, we don’t quite have a flying car yet, but a recent article from ZDNet shows that 2015 will be a big year for new car tech:

To name but a few, chip designers such as Nvidia are enjoying new revenue streams as their creations are used to power infotainment dashboards, Google is rumored to be working on an Android-based vehicle system to take on Apple’s CarPlay, and Microsoft revealed its “” concept earlier this year.

This is all part of the concept of the “connected car”, which essentially allows drivers to connect their vehicles to their cellular devices and home wireless networks. Some of the benefits of this include automatic notifications of accidents on  the route ahead, traffic updates, speeding warnings, and other safety alerts.

The connected car is becoming the goal of many auto manufacturers and 2015 will be a major step in that direction with new car tech focused on connecting vehicles with the internet. In 2014 both Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s Android system announced that they were bringing their respective platforms to vehicles as soon as possible. Much of this new car tech hardware comes built-in to the vehicle through the manufacturer. The hardware that is mounted in the dash relies on the driver’s smartphone for a connection via wireless app.

Not only can driver’s be aware of traffic and safety updates in real time, through apps on their smartphones they can check the status of batteries, unlock or lock the doors, find the car in a crowded parking lot, or even turn on the car in some instances.

In addition to connected cars, new car tech is being debuted in 2015 that can help improve fuel economy. this is done by sensors that can calculate fuel use in real-time. There is also new car tech that has sensors designed to provide digital diagnostics in conjunction with the connected car concept. These sensors can detect tire wear, brake conditions, and other vehicle maintenance issues. This data can be connected with auto manufacturing systems to head off mechanical problems before they develop.

Another new car tech service that is coming online soon is the e-cell service. This is a service that automatically calls emergency services in the event of an accident, which means that a driver who is incapacitated in a crash can still contact emergency services. This service is being mandated in Europe and should come to the United States.

While it is not quite the flying car from Back to the Future II, 2015 is still going to be a great year for new car tech.


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