National Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week

Nov 24

Teens have a lot to learn when it comes to driving; who better to learn from than an actual teenager? Everything Driving’s resident teenager, Jailyn, discusses teen driving topics in an effort to help keep other teens safe on the road. This time she brings awareness to driving drowsy and the dangers it presents.

Whether you’re a new driver or one with experience, we all struggle with putting our phones away while behind the wheel. Last week, November 17 through the 22, was National Teens “Don’t Text and Drive” Week  and we found a story for each day of the week to show you that the dangers of texting are real and can affect anyone. Here is a summary of those stories in cased you missed them:

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Liz Marks

Losing your life is one of the worst things that can happen when you text and drive but some of us might find what happen to Liz Marks to be much worse. During April of 2012 Liz Marks looked down at her phone when she received a text from her mother. This resulted in her crashing into a tow truck. Her face is now permanently disfigured and she is left without any  friends. Marks is giving us a look into the aftermath of the ‘lucky’ drivers who don’t die when behind the wheel and it isn’t pretty. She is taking her experience and bringing awareness to the dangers of texting and driving.

Click here to learn more about Liz Marks and her story.

Savannah Nash

Driving alone for the first time is always scary and after hearing Savannah Nash’s story you may not consider driving alone for a while. Nash left her house on a Thursday afternoon to pick up items for the family dinner. This was her first time driving by herself and her last. Nash made the decision to text and drive and it proved fatal. She was only 16, her freshman year was coming to a close, and she had just gotten her license. Nash had her whole life in front of her but because she ignored the warnings and the law that demand that you not text and drive it cost her life.

Click here to learn more about Savannah Nash and her story.

Deianerah Logan

“Cell phones are a distraction for many while driving.” Deianerah Logan’s parents wrote this seven weeks after losing their daughter in a car accident. Logan was a 17 year old on her way to her first day of her senior year. Little did she know she would never make it onto campus. While on her way to school, Logan took her eyes off the road to read a text message and before she knew it she had crashed into a school bus. Her family and friends miss her deeply and encourage you too “…please remember D.J.’s life-changing lesson: Don’t text and drive.”

Click here to learn more about Deianerah Logan and her story.

Alexis Summers

Alexis Summers was described by family and friends as “the light of my life” , “a wonderful girl”, and “just a good person”.  Unfortunately, Alexis made a bad decision that ended her life. She decided to text and drive. This resulted in her losing control of her car and hit two trees. She was killed instantly. Summer had big plans for the future but now she will never achieve her dream. She will also never see her family and friends, who loved her dearly, because she couldn’t resist the urge to take her eyes off the road and look at her phone.

Click here to learn more about Alexis Summers and her story.

John Breen

“It wasn’t war that took JB from us. It wasn’t a bullet or a bomb. It was a text message sent on a little 2” x 4” box that ended his life on a beautiful Sunday afternoon”. John Breen was 23 years old and ready to be deployed to Afghanistan but on March 15, 2009 (the day before JB was to be deployed to Afghanistan) he lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road. That night he had been texting a friend, this lead to him being ejected from his vehicle and dying form a massive skull fracture. JB’s parents had warned him to put down his phone while behind the wheel but he didn’t listen. He leaves behind family, friends, and a beautiful two-year-old daughter. This heart break could have been avoided if JB would have just listened to all the warnings that he came across that day.

Click here to learn more about John Breen and his story.

Will Craig

“I think maybe I was meant for this I was meant for talking to large groups of people because I think maybe I’m saving lives by doing just this.” Will Craig a Louisville senior was pronounced dead on site after being an accident caused by texting and driving. To his and everyone else’s surprise Craig was still alive after crashing his car and having to be cut out of the windshield. He was in a coma for eight weeks after his accident and had to learn how to speak and eat again. Craig was not the one driving the car or the one texting. His girlfriend was behind the wheel and was the one on her phone but she got out without a scratch. Now Craig is the one giving speeches about the dangers of texting and driving. It doesn’t just affect you when you text and drive. It affects your passengers, friends, and family.

Click here to learn more about Will Craig and his story.

Taylor Sauer

Facebooking and speeding don’t mix and Taylor Sauer’s parents are making sure to bring awareness to it after the loss of their daughter.  Taylor Sauer was going 80 mph, 35 mph over the speed limit, and using facebook when she hit a tanker truck that was only going 15 mph. She was killed instantly. Sauer posted something on her Facebook 90 seconds prior to her accident. Ironically it said “I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha.” Sauer was ready to take on the world after high school, she wasn’t ready to be taken out of it. Now Sauer’s parents are bring awareness to speeding and using your phone by telling their daughter story and fighting to have a no texting law past.

Click here to learn more about Taylor Sauer and her story.

As you can see the danger is real and affects the driver, passenger, families, and friends. Why take the risk? We highly recommend avoiding your cellphone at all cost while in behind the wheel. It can save your life and the lives of others. Any teens that want more driving advice can visit us at Also, make sure to come back and visit us at the blog, where we cover all aspects of safe driving. Want even more? Connect with us on social media to stay up-to-date on everything related to driving!

Jailyn Laue

As Everything Driving's resident teenager, Jailyn writes from the point of view of a teen driver.

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