Justin Bieber Pulled Over Again

Nov 17

“5-1-5-0 somebody call the po po. I’m going crazy, thinking about you baby!” (Dierks Bentley “5-1-5-0”) Love must be in the air (or rather, the lack of love)! Newly single Justin Bieber has been pulled over by the police yet again! Although this time, his breaking heart might have something to do with it.

Within a week of his split with Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber makes an unsafe left-hand turn in the jungle-like streets of West Hollywood. It’s understandable that post-breakup teenage boys are not really thinking about safe driving, yet it is still imperative they do so when choosing to drive (or you could get pulled over)! Luckily for the young artist, the police officer who flashed his red and blue lights on this teen only gave Justin a ticket for having an expired registration on his beautifully painted white Ferrari. With a car and a career such as this 18-year-old has, you would think the registration would be paid off. Some teens just never learn (after all, this isn’t his first go around with the cops).

Making matters worse, something must have run through Bieber’s head that lead him to believe posting this incident would be a smart idea. JB was able to sneak a picture of the police car that pulled him over and posted it on Instagram for all his following fans and the world to see. As if the rumors of his divide with his now ex-girlfriend and the past citation weren’t enough. With the growing of this smart phone application, so is the news of Justin’s little tit-a-tat with the police. It’s possible that Justin was thinking about the advice that is given quite often when posting this picture: if you beat someone to the punch line…Unfortunately, when you’re a superstar that tends to not work with the ruthless paparazzi.

Whether a breaking heart or perhaps taking advice from someone who is themselves an unsafe driver (someone say like Lindsay Lohan), it is important for teenagers to learn how to driver in a safe manner. The saying is “practice makes perfect” although more realistically it is “practice makes permanent.” For good ol’ Justin Bieber, his practicing bad driving habits is turning out to be more permanent than I am sure he hoped for. After all, no teen wants to be pulled over by the cops, especially if it is more than once whilst still in your prime years! To all the teens out there: don’t be a Justin Bieber (at least don’t follow his driving choices). Learn to be a defensive driver. For more information on teen driving and learning to be a defensive driver, go to www.teendrivereducation.com.

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