Justin Bieber: Continued Reckless Driving

May 28

Teenage singing sensation, Justin Bieber, seems to be in trouble with the law yet again for his poor driving.

Sunday night, police received two different phone calls, one said to be Keyshawn Johnson, about Bieber driving “extremely erratically, at high rates of speed.”

“Two witnesses have already come forward and filed a report,” stated Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “We’re investigating [this] as misdemeanor reckless driving, and planning on presenting [the case] to the DA.”

Although police officers responded to the phone calls that same night, it’s been said the pop artist refused to speak with them.

To further the seriousness of the situation, where Justin Bieber was driving his Ferrari at a “startling high rate of speed,” there was at least one child playing.

Keep in mind, prosecutors are also presently going over a previous case where Bieber allegedly drove recklessly and then spit on a neighbor who confronted him.

Maybe he was inspired by the premier of the new Fast and Furious 6 movie, or maybe he’s just being a 19-year-old boy. Whatever the reason for his constant irresponsible driving, it is clear this young singer should be taking traffic school at the very least!

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