How to Make a Left-Hand Turn

Jun 24

To some, making this turn is dreaded. To others, turning left is glorious since in America, that’s the side of the car drivers sit on. To those who may have a difficult time making this left turn or if you are a new driver, here is the proper way to turn.

Firstly, make sure your vehicle is in the correct lane. Originally when reading this, you make think something along the lines of “of course” or “duh” (common speech for young adults these days), and yes, it is common sense, I agree. However, I have seen plenty of motorists who try to turn from the incorrect lane. For example, say there are three lanes: one to turn left, one in the middle to go straight, and the right lane to either go straight or right. I have seen many people try to turn left from the center lane. Highly dangerous. DON’T DO THIS. Your chances for causing an increase will increase greatly.

Secondly, be sure you signal your intentions. For most states, you must turn on your signal 100 feet before you turn. (Be sure to look at your states rules and regulations to know exactly how many feet you should turn on your signal!)

Thirdly, proceed cautiously into the intersection. Even if you have the right of way, you always need to look to make sure no pedestrians are around or other vehicles, road hazards, etc. are in your way. Another tip: don’t turn the wheel until you are fully ready to take the leap and turn. Your foot may not be pressing the gas pedal right now, but this will still be safer for you and others around!

Fourthly, wait until it is safe. Yield to all vehicles and make sure there is no oncoming traffic, as this could easily cause a collision. This pretty much goes with the above listed to proceed cautiously into the intersection.

Fifthly, make sure you are turning at a safe speed. You’re not Batman or Speed Racer. You need to drive cautiously on the road and not speed as if you are bullet proof. Fictional movies such and characters such as those make you believe you are at times. However, when you turn too quickly, your car could possibly flip or you could hit someone who “came out of nowhere.”

Sixthly, as you’re completing your turn, make sure you then turn into the appropriate lane. I know I mentioned to start in the correct lane, but you also have to end in one. Let’s use the same example as mentioned prior. Say you are in the far lane on the street to turn left. Once you make you turn, there are two lanes for you to choose from. If you were in the far left lane originally, that is the lane in which you will turn into.

See? Making a left hand turn isn’t so difficult! Once you put all these steps into motion, it will turn into one large step that will come naturally to you.

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