Holiday Shopping Safety Tips For Your Protection

Dec 16

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holidays are a busy time for everyone because of family commitments, holiday parties, travel, and everything else that comes with the season. IT is a time of joy and relaxation for most, but some people can forget that holiday shopping safety is a major issue. Many people go shopping and store their purchases in their car sot hey don’t have to carry them in to every store. Unfortunately, this can lead to break-ins and other crimes that occur in parking lots.

Holiday shopping safety is important to remember. Recently the city of Mishawaka, Indiana had a rash of holiday break-ins according to police:

In the past 15 days, seven people had their cars broken into and their valuables stolen at University Park Mall.

“To be violated that way is a terrible feeling,” said Lt. Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police Department.

But these break-ins are different. Police say the thieves are using technology.

There have been no signs of forced entry so police believe that the suspects are using technology, such as jammers, to enter the vehicles – but at this point police do not know HOW they’re breaking in.

This is just one example in a mid-sized American city. Bigger cities such as Chicago are reporting their own rash of break-ins at malls. Many thieves are using rolling technology to scan for keyless entry codes so they can immediately unlock doors on vehicles. Fortunately, there are holiday shopping safety tips that you can follow to keep yourself safe. The Los Angeles Police Department offers the following tips so you can follow for holiday shopping safety:

  • Shop during daylight hours whenever possible – This will help security personnel be able to see your vehicle to provide an extra layer of holiday shopping safety.
  • Do not carry a purse or wallet, if possible – Break-ins are not the only danger you face. Muggings and robberies are also common problems in parking lots.
  • Always carry your driver’s license or identification along with necessary cash, checks and/or a credit card you expect to use – Bring with you only what you need to shop, and always keep it with you. It is one less thing for thieves to target in your vehicle.
  • Even though you are rushed and thinking about a thousand things, stay alert to your surroundings – Always be aware of what is around you for holiday shopping safety. This will help you spot to see if you are being followed or if your vehicle is being targeted.
  • Pay for purchases with a check or credit card when possible – The less cash you can carry, the better. It makes you less of a target.
  • Notify the credit card issuer immediately if your credit card is lost, stolen or misused – This prevents thieves from using your cards and most credit card companies have protection against unauthorized purchases.
  • Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid mishaps – Having your hands free, even to unlock a door, is critical.
  • Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason – Con-artists and thieves will look for any way to approach a target.

Holiday shopping safety is everyone’s responsibility, but by taking just a little more time you can make sure you’re protected.


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