GTA V: Life Lessons

Nov 27

As someone who plays video games, I understand that once you sit down with your favorite beverage and grab your console’s controller, you are submerged into a whole other world; a world that causes you to ignore everything else around you. In fact, you could say that those in this world of gaming and virtual reality don’t take their eyes off the screen, hands off their controller, or mind off their mission. If you think about it, this is exactly what driving entails.

When you drive your vehicle, you are not to take your mind or eyes off the road and keep your hands on the wheel at all times. If you don’t, you are doing what is known as distracted driving.

All around the world there have been public service announcements, also known as PSA’s, that show us the dangers of distracted driving. For a majority of those spreading the word, we are shown what distracted driving can do by hearing heart-felt, true stories. I’m not saying this method isn’t highly effective (trust me, I’ve seen and heard plenty tear-causing stories that have helped me make the decision to leave my phone out of sight and mind while I’m driving), but a specific insurance provider in Ireland is using the popularity of gaming to their advantage.

A recent film competition headed by the Irish Road Safety Authority challenged many to battle it out to see who could address the issue of texting and driving the best. The winner of this competition was insurance company Setanta, thanks to their film’s creator: Rory Nestor. His short film, entitled “Wheelman,” looks as if it were a submission from Grand Theft Auto V. The animated character in this short film does much of what an existing character in the game would do, but even after all his successful missions, he is unable to escape the tragedy of texting while driving. This short first debuted at the 2013 Cork Film Festival November 9-17, but is now available to watch and touch lives all over the world.

*Please be well aware that Everything Driving does NOT condone the driving behaviors that are seen in this video. Drive safely!

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