Gifts for Car Lovers

Dec 10

The holidays have arrived and the season for last minute gift buying has commenced. Often times, gift givers fall under the category of “last minute shoppers” because they may not know exactly what the other person might want. Is this you? Don’t fret! The others you see frantically walking through the halls in your local mall beside you are in the same boat. I like to call this the “holiday panic” and with a dose of “holidayhelpology” it can be cured! (Yes, that was a fake word.)

What I have learned over my years as a shopper, is there are a significant amount of people out there who would absolutely love to receive gizmos and gadgets for their vehicle, or something just related to cars, trucks, etc. Because in the past I only ever learned how to change a tire, check my oil, and hand my pop tools when he was fixing the car, I never really thought about giving someone something cool for their car until recent years. Let me tell you, my gifts have been the talk of the town ever since. If you have yet to find something that screams “perfect!” for your friend or loved one, I would highly recommend something awesome for their mode of transportation.

The Gifts

We’ll start with my favorite: decals. Car decals are one of the best ways to show personality, which is fantastic for someone who say has a silver Honda Civic. With a decal, you are giving the gift of individuality and having a voice. You are also letting your gift recipient entertain other motorists on the road wherever they may travel!

Next on the list: suspended truck trailer chairs! Now, I’m not entirely sure if that is the proper name for this gift, but if it’s close, I’m happy. If you are trying to find a gift for someone with a truck, this is something you should definitely consider. It turns the back of their truck into a comfortable and relaxing spot. This present could easily take place of a one-time massage by giving them a little R&R whenever they want!

For our travelers and road trip lovers: an insulated car mug and a personal mini fridge/food warmer. This might not seem like much at first, but the next time your friend is on the road at the crack of dawn or taking a long trip, you will be sure to receive a kind text saying how much they appreciate their warm coffee and temperature-controlled food!

For the fixer-upper in your life: a scissor lift. Probably not the most practical or cheapest present you could find, but if you have some extra dough and a loved one who enjoys working on their car, a scissor lift is something that will be very handy for your handy man (or woman)!

If you know someone with road rage, humor them with a Drivemotion LED Car Sign. I have actually given someone this gift before—it is probably the BEST thing I have ever bought for a friend. Just with my experience, it allowed my very vocal friend to let out his anger through a little emoticon on the back of his car. This also brought the fun back in driving! There’s nothing better than giving someone the gift of joy!

Other Notable Gifts

-GPS system
-Top-of-the-line cleaning supplies/detailing products
-A new tool kit
-Portable batter jump starter
-Fashionable seat covers/steering wheel covers
-Heated massage cushion
-Portable DVD player
-Satellite Radio
-Forged car parts

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