Food Trucks: Los Angeles

Sep 13

It’s between noon and two and your reoccurring office nightmare continues: your stomach rips out a big grumble and everyone stops their work to peek over at you. What do you do? You obviously crack a joke about your stomach talking, but how do you solve your problem? Do you grab a small burger from the large chain across the street, get a non-filling side salad to save some calories, or just grab a smoothie because you’re in a hurry and the boss wants you back pronto? The answer should be obvious: none of these! I know, I know. Sometimes we have to settle for lunches that aren’t the greatest, but if you’re in Los Angeles, you have the best of the best and they come on four wheels—food trucks.

Many people might think buying food from a truck is gross or contaminated, when actually food trucks (at least nowadays) are sanitary. In fact, they’re so clean that even health inspectors frequent lunches at local food trucks! According to Christie Sweitz and, “Trucks are required to follow strict guidelines and they are inspected as often as restaurants.” I don’t know about you, but if even health inspectors are willing and wanting to eat at food trucks, then there is nothing stopping me!

Now, I know there are many places nationwide that now have food trucks, and thanks to the T.V. show “The Great Food Truck Race” many are popping up in more places, but the Los Angeles area has some amazing ones. Below, is a list of food trucks that have blessed me with their delicious food. For the most part, these trucks aren’t in any particular order; the only one that is just so happens to be listed as number one.

10. Nom Nom Truck
9. Grill ‘Em All
8. Grilled Cheese Truck
7. Oooh La La Crepes
6. Me So Hungry
5. Jogasaki Burrito
4. The Buttermilk Truck
3. Ludo Truck
2. Vizzi Truck
1. Kogi BBQ

So the next time you are in the Los Angeles area or craving some hearty food, consider any of the trucks listed above. The food they provide is amazing and is definitely filling!

Links to help you locate food trucks in the area:
Find LA Food Trucks
Trux Map
Food Truck Talk

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