Father’s Day 2013 Gift Ideas

Jun 14

With Father’s Day coming just around the corner, many people are scrambling to grab their old man something. Are you? I’m not! And why? Because I have come to learn the secret to things dads want.

Alright, you caught me. I’m not a man so it is rather hard sometimes to tell what the opposite sex wants. Lucky for me I was raised a tom boy by the one and only—my pops.

I have come to learn that the stereotypical Father’s Day gifts that are advertised at department stores are things they don’t want.

Example number one: a tie.

Honestly, who in their right mind would want another tie? It’s as if you are giving the gift of work to your father, or at least reminding him of it. Ties are cool when guys want to dress up every now and then and can do the fancy Eldredge tie knots. But that’s just it. A majority of men do not like to dress up all the time and those awesome knots are more than a lot of men have the patience for. Maybe if your dad dresses like Barney Stinson every day, a tie would be okay. Other than that, I’d stay away from ties.

Example number two: car care products.

This one can go either way, really. In my opinion at least, if you’re going to buy the man of the house car care products for his day, I’d wash and wax the car yourself as well. It’s like the tie thing. When they go to open their gift and see that they have car care products, they’re going to think of how much more work they are going to have to do outside of their job. But! Some men really like to work on their car or enjoy working with their son or daughter on it. So if your dad is like this, then perhaps car care products could be the perfect gift! If not, try getting him a gift card to the local car wash and detailing place.

What should you get them instead?

Winner number one: enrollment in stunt driving school.

Okay, so this might be a little more on the expensive side, but if you pool together money from the rest of the family, it has the potential to be the best Father’s Day gift to date! When dads were younger (and maybe even now) they imagined racing next to 007 at least once in their life. The great thing? They learn how to be an awesome driver and do the unimaginable and fulfill a life-long goal.

Winner number two: a day rental with a classic beauty.

So you can’t afford to buy your old man his dream car. No biggie! You might just be able to swing renting his dream car. Many car enthusiast men love classic cars. So why not go to your local rent-a-car dealership and rent a jaw-dropping classic car? If you are anywhere near Beverly Hills, California, Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car will rent you a vintage car starting at around $400 a day. This will definitely put a huge smile on his face and make the neighbors wish you were their child!

Winner number three: a fantastic shaving kit.

Men are hairy. It’s just part of nature. Most women, however, don’t like to kiss a scruffy face (it’s itchy and feels like sandpaper). So if the men in your life require a good shave, why not buy them the gift of a soft face? If you’ve ever heard of the Art of Shaving (I hadn’t until about a year ago), it could be the perfect place to start. They’re face will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom and smell delectable!

Winner number four: a gift card to Bass Pro Shops.

Who doesn’t love the gift of nature? For me, I have a very outdoorsy dad; I am sure he isn’t the only one! Making the decision to get your pop a Bass Pro Shops gift card is as easy as the air he’ll be breathing next to the lake with a fishing pole in hand. Picture perfect.

Winner number five: a car cover.

Two-car garage, one-car garage, or filled-to-the-brim-with-stuff-garage; generally, the woman wins when it comes to parking the car in this sheltered area if there is space. For my parents’ household, there is no room for either of their cars in the garage because it’s filled with bits and pieces of mine and my sister’s childhood and their memories. Thankfully, there are car covers to keep his car cleaner for longer! Although I may not have gotten my dad a car cover just yet, I know he would really appreciate one.

Winner number six: memories.

Honestly, this is as simple as it gets and something all dads will take to heart. Spending some one-on-one time with your dad is probably all he really wants. Maybe a nice homemade card to go with it. So your dad is manly on the outside. On the inside, he loves his family and cherishes the time he gets with them. Go to him on Father’s Day morning and ask to spend time with him, doing whatever he wants. There is nothing better than making memories with the man who helped shape who you are today!

I hope this has helped some of you or sparked ideas in your head. Father’s Day 2013 is only a couple days away! Get out there, shop, get some cardboard paper and markers, and start creating the perfect Dad Day. May the force be with you!

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