Fall Driving Playlist

Sep 24

Ah, the time of year where the wind becomes brisk, the trees show a new personality, and your favorite pair of Ugg boots become socially acceptable to wear again. As fall begins, we put away our summer playlist and bust out the songs we haven’t heard since last year. As you drive through the fallen leaves, you wonder what song would best fit your mood. Here’s a short list (about a CD’s worth) of some of the best songs to play during fall:

1. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” Green Day
2. “The Leaves Will Change” Take Cover
3. “September” Earth, Wind and Fire
4. “No Time” The Guess Who
5. “Wagon Wheel” Darius Rucker
6. “Photograph” Nickelback
7. “Forever Autumn” The Moody Blues
8. “Grand Theft Autumn” Fall Out Boy
9. “Autumn Almanac” The Kinks
10. “Seasons of Love” RENT
11. “Yesterday” The Beatles
12. “Kiss Me” Ed Sheeran
13. “Radioactive” Imagine Dragons
14. “Wonderful World” Sam Cooke
15. “November Rain” Guns N’ Roses

Obviously, not everyone has the same taste in music, but I hope this kickstarted a playlist for you! So break out a blank CD and burn your perfect driving playlist for this fall. For those who are hip with the times, put together a nice mix of music on your MP3 player or cell phone. And remember: don’t drive distractedly! Put together your perfect mix before you hit the road, Jack. You’ll be happy you did!

(Photo Credit: US Department of Agriculture)

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