Driving Portraits

Nov 12

When I was a child in elementary school, the class I was in drew self portraits one day. We drew how we looked on the outside and then added all the things we loved on the sides of our face. Alongside my colored pencil masterpiece, I had a drawing of a small car. Although I had put my portrait and a vehicle on the same sheet of construction paper as an eight-year-old, I never imagined the two would be married together nearly a decade later through technology.

This is exactly what Lexus did when they teemed up with Sergio Albiac, a driven generative artist, an avid art collector, Walter Vanhaerents, and a multimedia agency. Together, they created an art form that has never been done: self driving portraits through technology.

As you drive, your portrait is painted based off an existing photograph of yourself according to how you drive the vehicle. What does this magical software paint your face based off the way you drive, you ask? It’s simple, really: the faster you drive, the quicker the brush will move. At the same time, if you drive slowly, the animated brush will move at a slower and more precise rate.

Along with the pace the brush moves, your painting will also change in color and style. With a more calm driving manner, you can expect to see soothing color tones, such as blues and greens, with a smooth brush style. On the other hand, when you drive quickly, your painting will show bright, vivid colors and be portrayed in a more abstract way.

When we drive past other motorists or pedestrians on the roadways, chances are they already have a conceived notion of our personality type. With this form of technology, we are now able to look at the way we drive in a whole new light, and are possibly able to visualize the way our peers describe our driving style.

Although we often see our vehicles as an extension of ourselves, personality, and sometimes as a way to show off success in life, very rarely have we taken the time to think about how our driving mannerisms show the same thing (except maybe the last one). With this new software out, it is possible that drivers will change the way they drive forever.

[Watch the video here!]

(Photo Courtesy of ArtIsMotion.com)

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