National Teen Driver Safety Week: Driver Safety Tips

Oct 27

Teens are new drivers, so they do not have the experience that older drivers have. This experience is what makes adults better drivers, as insurance companies know with the way teens have higher rates than adults. That experience does come with time, however, and to close National Teen Driver Safety Week there are seven driver safety tips that every teen should know.

Driver Safety Tips

Driver Safety Tips For National Teen Driver Safety Week

Tip #1: Keep your cellphone off

This one goes without saying, but even if you don’t turn your phone completely off you should at the very least ignore any calls or texts while driving. Texting while driving makes a crash 23 times more likely and gives a teenager the reaction time of a 70 year old while driving.

Tip #2: Obey the speed limit

Of all the driver safety tips here, this is among the most important. It is a matter of simple physics, really. The faster you are going, the more dangerous a potential crash can be. Faster speeds reduce reaction times and following distances too, making a crash more likely.

Tip #3: Share the Road

These are not just driver safety tips, but road sharing safety tips. Cars are not the only thing don’t he road you have to share the road with. There are motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and so much more. Be aware of your surroundings and of who may be sharing the road with you.

Tip #4: Stay Alert

Tips three and four are driving safety tips that go hand in hand. You need to be alert to everything going on around you. This also includes driving. Be aware if you are too sleepy to drive or if you are nodding off behind the wheel. Take frequent breaks if you are driving long distances so you don’t get too tired.

Tip #5: Be a courteous and safe driver

This includes aggressive driving behaviors and road rage. It is important to keep your emotions in check while driving so you can avoid a dangerous situation between you and other drivers. even if you are calm and cool behind the wheel you have to be aware of other angry drivers. This relates to other driver safety tips because it goes hand-in-hand with speeding, staying, alert, and sharing the road.

Tip #6: Practice defensive driving

The best offense really is a good defense. You have to always be ready not only for other drivers, but changing road and weather conditions. A defensive driver is a safe and cautious driver.

Tip #7: Drive Solo

This is one of the driver safety tips that relates mostly to teens. Teen drivers are much less likely to be in an accident if they are alone. Friends can distract you from the roadway and lead to a dangerous situation. until you are comfortable driving it is best to drive alone.

These driver safety tips are not only important for teen drivers, they can be applied to all drivers. By establishing these habits not you will be a better driver in the future.

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