Defensive Driving Defined

Mar 12

What does it mean to be a “defensive driver”? Basically this means actively taking all of the steps necessary to make you are doing your part to drive safely while taking extra precautions to watch out for those who are not. But this goes well beyond simply using your signal and slowing down on the road. The defensive driver actively anticipates danger and road hazards so that he can avoid them before they happen.

So how do you learn these skills?

One of the best ways is by taking an online defensive driving class. In some states defensive driving school goes by the name of “traffic school,” “driver improvement,” and “traffic safety,” but really, a defensive driver by any other name is still a safe driver.

So is an online defensive driver class right for you?

If you’re a new driver it’s great to learn new information through an online defensive driving class and protect yourself before you hit the road, and if you’ve been driving long enough to remember a time before cell phone laws (ok, so maybe that was just a few years ago) or even seatbelt laws (even farther back!), defensive driving courses can teach you tips you may have forgotten that can keep you and your fellow drivers safe. We all develop bad habits overtime, so it’s really good to get a refresher so that we can see what we should be doing.

Online Defensive Driving Classes as an Option After Getting a Ticket

Some states will give drivers the option of taking a defensive driving course after they receive a ticket for certain traffic violations. The advantage to taking many of these courses is that it keeps these traffic violations from going on a person’s driving record. This prevents a person’s insurance from going up or from the traffic offense from being reported to a person’s employer. Sometimes people grumble and gripe about having to take online defensive driving courses, but it is actually not that bad (and can even be fun!). In states that allow for online traffic school, individuals get to read coursework in the comfort of their own home on their own time, take simple multiple-choice tests, and then have their traffic offense removed or masked on their driving record after passing.

But let’s not lose sight of the main goal of online defensive driver education: to teach drivers the skills necessary to keep themselves or others safe. For instance, do you know offhand the safe distances for following behind another vehicle at different speeds? What if you lose control of your breaks in the middle of the freeway? Is it ok to have a child safety seat in the front of a car? How can you avoid “road rage”? What if a car swerves in front of you? How early do you need to activate your blinker before a turn? In a good online defensive driving course, you will learn about all of these things and more.

So are you interested in learning more? Want to check out the online defensive driving classes offered in your area?

This is one of the best directories I have found for online defensive driving courses listed by state:  The Online Traffic School


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  3. Defensive driving in texas is possible also for insurance discounts in addition to ticket dismissal.

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