Brave 9 Year Old Girl Survives Crash

Mar 25

brav•er•y (br v -r , br v r )

n. pl. brav•er•ies
1. The condition or quality of being brave; courage.
2. Splendor or magnificence; show.

When you think of bravery, offhand your mind might be drawn to a firefighter, police officer, a parent, or maybe even your favorite fictional superhero, such as Spiderman or Batman. You wouldn’t normally think of a small nine (9) year old girl as someone who is courageous, but there is one child who will now be thought of by many when the word “bravery” is spoken of: Celia Renteria.(Video frame courtesy of KABC TV Los Angeles)

Early morning Sunday at about 1:30am, Celia and her father, Alejandro Renteria, were involved in a car crash near Los Angeles, California. Celia realized her father was unconscious and was able to calmly turn off the engine when she smelled gasoline leaking.

After turning off the engine, she managed to climb out of the wreckage and hike to a nearby home to seek help. Once she realized that no one was home, or answering the door at such an early hour, she went back to the crash site to check on her father.

The young girl then decided to go for help a different route. She braved through a “steep embankment in a very dark and threatening environment,” one CHP officer stated. Here, she was able to flag down help from a passerby at the nearby Metrolink station who then called local authorities.

“What was most remarkable was her commitment to her father and to try to get him aid under very challenging circumstances. It’s also very barren. We have coyotes out here that were also howling. So it’s kind of a creep environment for a young girl to show and demonstrate such courage and commitment to her father.” CHP Sgt. Tom Lackey

Help arrived at the scene at roughly 2:30am and pronounced Celia’s father dead at the scene. The young girl was airlifted to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with minor injuries.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, although investigators believe that alcohol was involved.

(Photo Courtesy of CBSLA)

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