Biodiesel Vehicles

Mar 18

“We should increase our development of alternative fuels, taking advantage of renewable resources, like using corn and sugar to produce ethanol or soybeans to produce biodiesel.” Bobby Jindal

Biodiesel fuels are taking over the media and are attempting to take over the alternative fuel world. With all this talk going around about gasoline and oil prices skyrocketing, people are doing whatever they can to find a cheaper, alternative way to power their cars.

Global Warming

A main reason people are attracted to the thought of biofuels and biodiesel as their alternative to conventional gasoline is because it can be created from numerous natural sources such as soybeans, plant oil, animal fat, and corn. Because biofuels are created from the earth’s “body”, biodiesel vehicles and biofuel burn cleaner than the fossil fuels that are used for conventional gasoline. By emitting less pollution than fossil fuels, biofuels help protect our lovely planet from global warming. I know that global warming may not be the first thing on all of our minds, but it is actually quite important; get out there and do something! “Ethanol and biodiesel allow people to burn a cleaner form of energy.” Mark Kennedy


Additionally, the production of biofuels helps our very own farmers and keeps our amazing country less dependent on other outside sources. If we keep the growing of crops for biofuels in our homeland, the biofuel industry can help our local communities by providing a greater amount of jobs. I firmly believe that farmers are the backbone to our county. We may not realize that or even think about it on a day-to-day basis (like we don’t with global warming), but without them food and many other things would be a lot more difficult to come by. Thank a farmer today and help out our country. “I love the idea that biodiesel has the potential to support farmers, especially the family farms.” Daryl Hannah


Of course there are many other benefits to using biodiesel, but these are two of the big ones. Now, I must admit, I have been blind about ways to keeping our planet green before aside from the regular R’s—reduce, reuse, recycle and perhaps a few other small things, but after all the research I have been doing on keeping Mother Earth clean just with alternative fuels, there is no reason that I or anyone else can’t help her out! Think about it. We live on this planet and I’m sure would love to continue living here (even though the news about Mars is fascinating), so why not keep Earth as healthy as we can? It’s similar to the idea of eating healthier foods that will be better for our body; to keep it running longer.

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  1. Samuel Christin /

    For experiment purpose, Virgin’s eco-plane ran only three engine with that fuel & the other three engines were filled with standard jet fuel. In addition the Biofuel-powered engine was using a blend of conventional jet fuel & Biofuel: 80/20 in favor of the regular stuff. In sum 5% of the 49,000-lb (22,000 kg) fuel load consisted of the novelty: a special mix of coconut oil & oil from the Brazilian babassu plant, prepared by Seattle-based Imperium Renewable over the last 18 months & tested by General Electric Aviation in Ohio.`

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