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Nov 22

We’ve passed the time where having a navigation system attach to your windshield is the most convenient option. With the boom of smart phones and all the apps that are offered with them, GPS applications have become some of the most popular to download—they’re convenient, cheap, and are on a device you already use in your everyday life!

Because there are so many different choices for your app and, quite frankly, many different forms of smart phones available, it can be hard to choose which app is best for you. Of course when you read a navigation’s description in your app store, all companies are going to make theirs sound better than their competitors. So how do you know which one you’ll like the best? I’ve come across reviews of many consumers and come up with these off the chart navigation applications for your iPhone or Android that can fit most lifestyles.


  • Sygic: This navigation application is the most downloaded on Google Play, and for good reason. With over 160 downloadable maps for many states and countries, this app has attracted over 30 million users. Sygic comes with features such as TomTom maps, 3D graphics, speed camera warnings, road incident sharing and more! Price: Free
  • MapQuest Mobile: One of the most beloved online mapping tools for your computer has since moved to your Android phone. MapQuest Mobile offers features such as voice commands so it can be used as a hand-free device, turn-by-turn navigation, an international map, location sharing through social media, and loads more. You are also able to receive traffic updates every five minutes—perfect for those long trips! Price: Free
  • CoPilot Live Premium: Although you need an online connection for this application (unless using on board maps), one of the best things about it is that your route is customizable depending on the vehicle you are driving. Along with that outstanding feature, you are also to monitor live traffic, look at alternative routes, choose a 2D or 3D maps, and much more. There isn’t much this app can’t do for you! Price $45.84 (also has free version)
  • MapFactor: GPS Navigation: If you drive like Speed Racer, this is going to be a great choice for you. MapFactor’s most attractive feature is it’s ability to notify you of speed cameras. With this GPS, you are also able to switch between day and night settings, save locations, use voice guidance, as well as have a map that rotates with your driving direction. With the features available with this app, and a cost of $0, this navigation system is made to accommodate every lifestyle! Price: Free
  • Maverick GPS Navigation: This GPS system is great if you are just looking for simple navigation. You’re able to save and share where you’ve been as well as scroll through online maps to save for when you don’t have online service! Price: $4.99


  • TomTom US & Canada: Since before I could drive, I was always partial to TomTom, and this one of many apps made by them has shown me that me allegiance has been in good hands! This navigation system offers you great features such as automatic music fading, HD traffic, lane guidance, free map updates, navigate to photo—the list goes on and on! Although there is a price with this application, you definitely get your money’s worth and more! Price: $35.99
  • Navigon: Navigon is highly popular and for good reason. For those who speak different languages, this application is equipped with multi-language support. It also shows you parking spaces near your destination, a “take me home” function, a lane assistant, and many other amazing characteristics you will sure to fall in love with! Price: $59.99
  • Google Maps: Perhaps the most fashionable of the navigation apps, Google Maps is well-known and comes with all that you need for a price you can’t beat: free. With rates and reviews of places available, voice-guided and turn-by-turn directions, often updated points of interests and business, Google Maps shows great quality. If you are looking for a simple and reliable GPS device that won’t cost you a penny, Google Maps is definitely the way to go. Price: Free
  • Waze: Also a free app, Waze is a great choice if you decide that you want to try something different than what Google has to offer. This mapping tool communicates with other Waze users, so you are able to see updated road hazards, traffic and more. You can also add photos to road reports, share through multiple forms of social media and other great things. Basically, if you are connected with the world and your Facebook, this app may be the best one for you! Price: Free
  • Garmin North America: As a well-praised mapping device, Garmin has an attractive and user friendly interface that allows easy use for its consumers. Because maps are already built into the app and you don’t have to download them, once you have installed the application on your phone, you can use it right away. You are also able to get live traffic updates with this application, which is perfect for those who live in a large city or work in one. Price: $59.99

Keep in mind, some of the above-listed navigation tools are interchangeable between an iPhone or an Android (even a Windows Phone, if you have one). So if you have heard great reviews for an application that I listed under the Android and you have an iPhone, you may still be able to acquire the perfect mapping tool for you!

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  1. I was a Waze skeptic, especially because the app’s design and interface is godawful – but I recently broke down and gave it a shot and it’s managed to save me 30 minutes or so on a few nasty commutes with a couple detours that had never occurred to me

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