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Jan 24

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As the days get shorter and the weather starts getting colder it is important to always remember to drive safely. In recent news stories it has been reported that traffic accidents have increased as a result of the wet and dark roads.  NPR reports that the  dangerous road conditions of a massive Indiana snowstorm resulted in 3 killed and 22 injured in a highway pileup. Harsh winter conditions make it nearly impossible for drivers on Interstate 94 to see, resulting in a collision of nearly four dozen trucks and cars.

For most people driving is a must every day; in order to make sure that you arrive to your desired destination safely you should remember to never drive distracted especially during bad weather driving conditions.

Driving while using your phone is always dangerous but with wet, dark and at times icy roads increase the dander. Road conditions are especially dangerous during the winter because it takes a longer time to stop and bad weather can affect the way your car functions. According to traffic reports from Science Daily almost 25% of all traffic accidents happen during bad weather. It is essential that you are completely alert and slow down while driving during bad weather conditions.

It is vital to always be prepared when you head out on the road by being aware of road conditions. As weather conditions become increasingly dangerous for drivers it’s especially important to take a few extra steps to make sure that you are safe. When driving on wet or icy roads you should always remember to:


  • Use both hands while driving: you need the extra grip because you will have less tire traction



  • Follow all road signs and road regulations: bad weather conditions make driving dangerous enough, don’t make it worst by driving recklessly



  • Give yourself extra time: during bad driving conditions it’s always advisable to leave a little earlier so you don’t feel the need to speed because you are rushed



  • Watch out for weather affected roads: roads can develop black ice when it’s cold and wet; this is dangerous for drivers because it’s difficult to spot and dangerous to drive on.



  • Slow down: give yourself extra space when you are driving just in case you need to move out of harms way.


You aren’t expected to put your life on hold simply because weather conditions are bad but you could take extra steps to make sure that you are safe. Always remember the most important rule while driving during bad weather, Be Patient. It’s always better to arrive a few minutes late than to cause an accident.

Dalia Andrade

A journalism major at California State University of Northridge, Dalia writes with a news angle.

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