America’s Worst Drivers

Jul 26

Many of us love them or are drawn to them with wandering eyes: the big suburban-metropolitan areas, where the grass is concrete and streets are towered by the tallest of buildings. Regardless of their attraction to many, you can’t always escape the people that occupy them. I’m sure you’ve seen the movies where those big city folk get caught in the pressures of their own version of the jungle. Between the ruckus and stress of being in a largely populated area, it’s been known to affect the way we drive. With more active drivers comes added tailgating, poor driving techniques, and son on; it’s practically inevitable! Unfortunately, for some of these areas, they have a worse reputation than others. Allstate did a study showing the top worst American locations to drive in. Here’s what they concluded:

Sadly for California, it looks like their drivers take the cake as five of their cities reach this top 25 list. As someone who has lived in the Golden State for a good majority of my life, I could have told you that offhand, but I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about their own area. So buckle up, keep your eyes on the road and make sure you are on point. Being a defensive driver is the best way to go when traveling in these areas, or anywhere for that matter!

For more information on how to become the best defensive driver you can be and avoid being an Allstate statistic, visit!

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